Here's how to add a remote mail account to move mail to the new servers.

Step 1: Login to webmail at webmail.isurf.ca

Mail Login

Step 2: On the top menus, go to Wheel Cog → Preferences → Mail

Mail Cog Mail Prefs

Step 3: Under General, click Remote Accounts

Step 4: Under Remote Accounts, click Add Account

Step 5: Do not fill in the fields - instead, click Show Advanced Setup

Step 6: Fill in the fields as shown, except using your old mail username:

Mail Remote Server

Step 7: Click the Save button, and the next page should look similar to this:

Mail Remote Acct List

Step 8: Click the Mail menu item up top and you'll now see a "Remote Accounts" folder. Click it's folder icon.

Mail Folders Remote Acct

Step 9: Now click OldServer and it will ask you for the password for the old account.

Enter the password and all your old folders should appear.

  • Unfortunately, copying folders directly between servers is not supported, so you will have to create folders a.k.a. "mailboxes" (Under "Folder Actions")
  • Then, copy messages by highlighting from the old folder, holding the CTRL key and dragging them to the new folder.

Step 10: When you have finished moving mail from the old account to the new, please go through the first few steps on this page and remove the remote account from your mail preferences.